The Liquid Biopsy Report- Current Status and Future Directions

The Liquid Biopsy Report- Current Status and Future Directions

The gold standard for cancer diagnosis remains imaging-based. Although some screening programmes are enabling the earlier diagnosis of cancer, nobody can deny the pull of the “liquid biopsy”.
Over a decade since its inception, the ability to use non-invasive methods to analyse tumour material has transformed the vision of future cancer care. A better patient experience. Real-time monitoring. Early detection. It’s fair to say liquid biopsies hold a lot of promise for the oncology field, but where are we now? Why are routine blood tests not already the gold standard for cancer screening programmes?
The answer is not simple. A lot of effort is being made to
push liquid biopsies into the clinic. This report will highlight the key features of liquid biopsies, their potential applications in oncology and the hurdles we need to overcome to see the next era of cancer care come to fruition.
We would like to give a special thanks to our contributors for their help and guidance in putting this report together:
  • Anca Oniscu, Consultant Pathologist, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh
  • Chris Abbosh, Principal Clinical Research Fellow, University College London
  • Dominic Rothwell, Nucleic Acids Biomarkers Laboratory, Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute
  • James Black, Postdoctoral Scientist, University College London
  • Klaus Pantel, Chairman, Institute of Tumour Biology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
  • Lauren Leiman, Executive Director, BLOODPAC
  • Maria Jose Serrano, Associate Professor, University of Granada
  • Michael Hubank, Director of Clinical Genomics, Royal Marsden Hospital & Professor of Translational Genomics, ICR 
  • Remond Fijneman, Associate Group Leader, Netherlands Cancer Institute
  • Tina Moser, Postdoctoral Researcher, Medical University of Graz

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