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Cancer Genomics: The impact of genomics on cancer research, diagnostics, therapeutics and clinical care

Cancer Genomics: The Impact of Genomics on Cancer Research, Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Clinical Care

Genomics research has been rapidly transforming our understanding and ability to treat cancer. Today, novel techniques are enabling the development of tailored precision drugs in the clinic and benefitting patients around the world.

This report will provide you with:

  • An introduction to how cancer genomics influences cancer biology
  • An overview of the challenges associated with translating cancer genomics research into clinical implementation
  • Insights into the current status and future directions of clinical cancer genomics and precision oncology

Report contributors include:

  • Alastair Greystoke, Clinical Senior Lecturer/Hon Consultant, Newcastle University/ Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Trust

  • Anju Kulkarni, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

  • Donald White, Precision medicine manager, Cancer Research UK

  • Gary Middleton, Professor, University of Birmingham

  • Maria Antoinetta Cerone, Portfolio Manager, Cancer Research UK

  • Pauline Rehal, Principal Clinical Scientist, West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory

Report Content:

Chapter 1: Cancer biology
This chapter highlights cancer as a disease of the genome and it explains our growing understanding of the influence that genomics has on cancer biology, including:
- Cancer genome evolution
- The tumour microenvironment
- Large-scale projects that enable cancer genomics research, including The Cancer Genome Atlas

Chapter 2: Enabling technologies

This chapter highlights some of the enabling technologies that help to elucidate cancer research, including single cell analysis, spatial transcriptomics, genome editing techniques and more.

Chapter 3: Cancer Diagnostics

This chapter highlights the status of genomics in cancer diagnostics, including liquid biopsies, and how this can aid in the transformation of cancer care.

Chapter 4: Precision Oncology

This chapter highlights the origins of precision oncology and what it promises from a clinical perspective.

Chapter 5: Challenges and future directions

Genomics has the power to enhance our understanding of cancer and positively influence our approach to clinical cancer care. However, reaching the full potential of cancer genomics still remains a challenge.

This chapter highlights these difficulties and presents the future directions of cancer genomics, from research, translational and clinical implementation.

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