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Biology at High Resolution – Advances in Single Cell Analysis: A Review

Biology at High Resolution – Advances in Single Cell Analysis: A Review

After being voted Nature’s ‘Method of the Year’ in 2013 and 2019, it is not surprising that researchers are increasingly turning to single cell and spatial technologies to understand the heterogeneity that is driving complex diseases.

In this report, we catch up with global researchers to compile the lessons learned from the implementation of the latest technologies, discuss the clinical applicability of single cell analysis from a biopharmaceutical perspective and share some examples of the exciting insights single cell analysis has delivered.


  • Chapter 1: Applications of single cell sequencing in biomedical research
  • Chapter 2: The advent of single cell proteomics
  • Chapter 3: Single cell data analysis – challenges and bottlenecks
  • Chapter 4: Lessons learned from implementation
  • Chapter 5: The future of single cell analysis

Thank you to all our contributors and advisors for their help and support in producing this report.


  • Jonathan Proto, Principal Scientist, Sanofi
  • Mindy Zhang, Distinguished Scientist, Bioinformatics Translational Science, Sanofi
  • Fabian Theis, Head of Computational Biology Institute, Helmholtz Zentrum München


  • Dan Chang, Single cell sequencing lead, Merck & Co., Inc.
  • Anonymous advisors from Roche and Novartis

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